Robert Jennings

North vs South: The Civil War Rekindled?

Polyconundrum - Is the South preparing to rise again? Is the North massing forces for invasion? Given the recent gun control rhetoric one would think so. Attempts at controlling the proliferation in the US of guns in general and military style weapons in particular is pulling a scab off a festering sore.

While countries like Canada and Australia who have similar ancestral and rugged background gun roots have been able to come to grips with needless gun violence, the US hasn't gotten a grip on the problem.

Gun Control Agenda Is Launching White Paranoid Extremists to Prepare for Armed Revolution

ALTERNET - Right Wing ExtremistsPeel back the code word of "defending" America and you have a treasonous movement in the works.

The battle over gun control has exposed a truth the mainstream media is apparently too shy to mention: A bunch of far-right, white, mostly Southern, paranoid extremists are preparing for armed revolution and apocalypse. They speak treason: literally.

They are preparing to "defend" America from America with arsenals of weapons and stockpiles of ammunition. Their "enemy" is everyone in America not like them.

They think the world is ending and/or that the government is out to get them. That doesn’t mean it will happen. But expect violence and assassinations. Their ideology is made up of equal parts racism, evangelical Christian fascination with the “end times,” hatred of President Obama, resentment of the “Old “South” variety and a Fox News/Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh version of world history.

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Ammunition Flying Off The Shelves At Walmart. Forced To Restrict Sales

walmartPolyconundrum - According to the Associated Press, Walmart has been forced to restrict ammunition sales due the surging demand and the inability of the company's ordinarily robust supply chain to keep up. They are limiting ammunition sales to three boxes per day per customer.

While Walmart will not disclose sales data, it is known that both sales of weapons and ammunition have surged in the face of recent gun violence and the fear that new gun control measures will limit individuals from purchasing military style guns, high capacity magazines, and "cop killer" armor piercing ammunition. Walmart is the largest gun seller in the US.

The NRA Has an Enemies List and It’s Really Long

Cold Dead HandsTRUTHDIG - The National Rifle Association sure has a lot of enemies, according to a recent “National Organizations With Anti-Gun Policies” list posted by the powerful gun lobby’s political arm. The list, available on the NRA’s website, seeks to expose those who have “have lent monetary, grassroots or some other type of direct support to anti-gun organizations” and “have officially endorsed anti-gun positions.”

There are 506 organizations and people named, which, as Wonkette points out, means that “it’s virtually impossible not to find something on that list that represents you or something you believe in.”

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See the entire "enemies" list from the horse's mouth (or some other part of its anatomy)

Let's Face It, The South Is Just Different

Polyconundrum - The South has been different from the North since the inception of the US. Founded on slavery, it held the rest of the country hostage to this barbarianism until the American Civil War. While the war did end outright ownership, in reality it only substituted economic bondage. Even after nearly 150 years this economic depravity is still the desirable norm by many of the modern Southern monied class whether they know it or not or however so gentile they think they are.

Southern Poverty Pimps

SALON - The “original sin” of the Southern political class is cheap, powerless labor. Contemporary American politics cannot be understood apart from the North-South divide in the U.S., as I and others have argued. Neither can contemporary American economic debates. The real choice facing America in the 21st century is the same one that faced it in the 19th and 20th centuries — Northernomics or Southernomics?

Northernomics is the high-road strategy of building a flourishing national economy by means of government-business cooperation and government investment in R&D, infrastructure and education. Although this program of Hamiltonianism (named after Washington’s first Treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton) has been championed by maverick Southerners as prominent as George Washington, Henry Clay and Abraham Lincoln (born in Kentucky to a Southern family), the building of a modern, high-tech, high-wage economy has been supported chiefly by political parties based in New England and the Midwest, from the Federalists and the Whigs through the Lincoln Republicans and today’s Northern Democrats.

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Polyconundrum - Even though much of the South already leads the nation at the bottom in common everyday metrics such as poverty rate, educational achievement, or even just longevity, Southern political leaders want to take this race to the bottom nationwide.

The GOP Plan to Flush Your State’s Economy Down the Toilet

ALTERNET - The new “red-state model” seeks to turn your state into Mississippi.The GOP has plans for a comeback. But it may cost you a lot. The idea is to capitalize on recent Republican state takeovers to conduct an austerity experiment known as the new “red-state model” and prove that faulty policies can be turned into gold.

There will be smoke. There will be mirrors. And there will be a lot of ordinary people suffering needlessly in the wake of this ideological train wreck.

We already have a red-state model, and it’s called Mississippi. Or Texas. Or any number of states characterized by low public investment, worker abuse, environmental degradation, educational backwardness, high rates of unwanted pregnancy, poor health, and so on.

Now the GOP is determined to bring that horrible model to the rest of America.

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Why Obama Is Giving Up on Right-Leaning Whites

ObamaNATIONAL JOURNAL - For decades, Democrats shaped their policies around fears of the culturally conservative white voters to the GOP. But Obama’s winning coalition has altered that calculus.

With his suddenly aggressive second-term agenda, President Obama is recasting the Democratic Party around the priorities of the growing coalition that reelected him—and, in the process, reshaping the debate with the GOP in ways that will reverberate through 2016 and beyond.

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Polyconundrum - When polled about succession, over 40% of the GOP said they were in favor. This, of course, should be taken with a grain of salt, as one too many beers might have been involved or the poll was taken in an all male bowling league.

What Would It Look Like If Red States Actually Seceded?

ALTERNET -Our interconnected world makes an amicable divorce a bit more complicated than just breaking up the states.

Thirty-five percent of Texas Republicans want to secede from the United States. After November's election, eight red states filed petitions on the White House's YouGov Web site calling for a split, and judging from the popularity of Chuck Thompson's Better Off Without 'Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession (which calls for an “amicable divorce” from the former states of the Confederacy) a fair number of progressives would be happy to let them go.

Talk of secession is, of course, pretty silly. But national boundaries have historically been impermanent, and it does lead to an interesting thought experiment: just how would one approach the task of dividing up the world's leading superpower? It's easy to write a screed about how out of touch with Real America those socialist coastal elites are, or how backward the South's cousin-marrying bumpkins can be, but I'm not sure either side of that squabble has paused to consider the details.

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